About US

Polestar means a “guiding star” that shines brightly in the northern sky, showing the right direction to the lost traveller. It is also called as constant, eternal, firm and faithful. And that’s exactly the role we see ourselves playing in your investment journey.

Srinivas Mallya

B.E (Electronics), MBA (Finance)

Srinivas has been working in the finance sector for more than 20 years. He has been in the foreign exchange domain and has been interacting with Banks and Corporates all through. Being passionate about the financial markets, Srinivas has developed an in-depth understanding of the equities, for ex and bond markets. Being the kind of person he is, Srinivas has been sharing this knowledge with his circle of friends and acquaintances or whoever sought his guidance. He has been guiding families with their finances for more than 10 years.

Polestar Investments has been started with this very intention of educating, helping and guiding families live a peaceful and financially secure life

Our Philosophy

We will listen to what you want for your future, then together we create a roadmap to help you get there. Not just that, we will walk alongside you, not only encouraging and motivating but also educating you through this enriching journey.