Retirement Planning

You wish to have a financially secure and comfortable retirement. Our goal is to get you there by helping you accumulate wealth for retirement and generate income in retirement. Find out how you can take charge of your retirement.

Due to increased life expectancy, with people living 20-25 years, even more, after retirement, it is imperative to ensure that your finances are in a good shape when you retire.

However retirement usually comes at the end in the list of financial goals of most people. You usually start saving for it when they are near the end of their working life. The focus, instead, is on intermediate goals. You save for the car you want in the next three-four years or the house you plan to buy in the next 10 years. People forget retirement as it is far away. You think you can start saving for it after other big obligations such as home loan and children's education/marriage are over. This is a wrong approach.

Starting early has many advantages. If you do that, your money gets more time to grow. Each gain generates further returns. As time passes, you miss out on this benefit, called compounding, which can grow money exponentially over time.

What we do: As a first step, we will explain how you can calculate the money you will need for your post-retirement years.

After you arrive at the figure, we will discuss the appropriate approach to achieve the retirement goal.