Srinivas and me are known to each other for the last 14 odd years. That was the time I had moved into Mumbai and taken a flat in Chembur area where incidentally Srini ( as he is known among his close circle) also stays. We used to have general conversations and during one such conversation , he mentioned about investment portfolio planning . I had absolutely no clue or idea about such kind of planning. He slowly got me interested in it and helped me in building my portfolio. With Srini's thorough knowledge of the market and his professional and transparent attitude he has helped me in building a fairly reasonable portfolio by which he has secured not only my present but also my future & retirement which is due in the next couple of years. I wonder what would have happened to me if I hadn't met Srini in 2002. Investments doesn't multiply overnight. One has to give time for your investment to grow- in other words 'PATIENCE' is the key word along with proper advice. Srini is a friendly investment advisor to many more people like me. He is ever dependable. I wish him all the very best.

JE Prasad CEO – Family Health Plan Ltd, Hyderabad

Mr Srinivas Mallya has been my financial advisor for over 5 years. I am very fortunate to have had him to manage my finances at several crucial junctures wherein an expert and experienced advice was required. It was thanks to him that i could take certain financial plunges without actually feeling the pinch as much.i am very secure with my investments and have confidence that my money is being parked in the right places. As a friend too,he has been very reaasuring and supportive whenever i faced any financial crisis situation. I truly want to thank him for his efforts in making me feel financially secure.

Dr. Manjiri Juvekar - Radiologist

Before I came to interact with Srini, I did not know much about personal finance and financial planning other than the usual LIC route. He helped me in developing a portfolio.Thanks to his guidance I am now securing my future financially.

E.S.Viswanathan - Chief Engineer, Jacobs Mumbai.

As doctors, my wife and I were at sea when it came to investments and financial security. Various investment options like government bonds, mutual funds, equity etc seemed like an un-negotiable labyrinth when we tried to understand them. Add to this the vagaries of the market and we were as lost as a needle in a haystack. We met Mr.Srinivas Mallya at this befuddled stage.

Mr. Mallya initially analysed our existing investments and explained to us the logic behind persisting with some of them and at the same time changing some of them. The manner in which he lucidly clarified our doubts, simplified the entire process and chalked out a future course for our investments was simply amazing. He has literally helped us change our hesitant baby steps to confident strides!

Mr. Mallya has an almost magical hand on the pulse of current and projected market situations. He would often sit with us and over tea, explain the complicated “finance world” to us. Following his advice, we have regularly seen our finances grow at a steady rate and successfully outpaced the ever eroding inflation rates. Another very important highlight of being associated with Mr. Mallya is that once he set us on a course he would at regular intervals update us of the existing situation and advise us regarding changes that would benefit us. Many of these suggestions of Mr. Mallya have earned us healthy profits.

As private clinicians we were very anxious about our finances post retirement. Mr. Mallya has steadily steered us in the right direction so that we are absolutely relaxed about our financial requirements at various stages such as daughter’s education, intermittent car purchase, luxurious holidays and above all post-retirement “pension”.

We would recommend Mr. Mallya without any hesitation to anyone who wishes to secure their financial condition for the present as well as for their future, for themselves and their family.”

Dr. Varun V Dixit - Consultant Cosmetic and Plastic surgeon, Make a Change Clinic, Khar, Mumbai